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State of Higher Education Authority Report – Launch

12th November, 2020

Dr. Mushimba giving his speech

Higher Education Minister Eng. Dr. Brian Mushimba launched the Higher Education Authority (HEA) report that he believed was a necessary tool to bench mark and evaluate key milestones in managing the higher education sector.

Dr. Mushimba noted the liberalization of the higher education by the Government was timely in order to establish 9 public universities coupled with 54 private, a significant growth that has improved over the years and providing for access to the education.

Dr. Mushimba commended the private sector that are supplementing Goverment efforts through established private universities.

He called on Higher Education Authority (HEA) to monitor standards that have to be maintained so as attain the relevance of training.

Honourable Mushimba explained that despite scored strides in the sector, there was need to take stock and interrogate the growing sector in order to realise the best education of students channeled out.

Dr. Mushimba believed the report will speak to robust higher education needed in order to provide for check and balances as this sends a tone for subsequent publications to the Authority.

He said the report provided for insights of the higher education sector since independence providing vital statistics and generally evolvement of the sector across the country.

Dr. Mushimba called upon HEA and Institutions of higher learning to ensure their curricular and programmes offered responded to challenges university education.

And Higher Education Authority Director General Professor Stephen Simukanga said the launched report examines the major developments in the higher education sector since independence hence the report encompass legal reforms that the sector has undergone from the UNZA act of 1965 through to the higher education act no. 4 of 2013 under which 54 private and 9 public universities exist.

He said the state of higher education report provides for ground work for the classification system.

Earlier Professor Simukanga said origins of higher education in Zambia is traced from 1965 with the University of Zambia (UNZA) operating for 21 years before the Copperbelt University (CBU).

Prof. Simukanga

He said the two public universities, UNZA and CBU, operated under a restrictive legal regime that did not allow the private sector participation in the university education delivery.

Professor Simukanga said however due to population growth driving the demand of higher education with limited access then, the country Instituted reforms to a major shift to allow the participation of the private sector in various spheres inclusion higher education.

Chanda Muwowo Public Relations Officer – MOHE

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