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The Department of Planning and Information provides support functions to three core mandate areas of the Ministry. The Department is responsible for the coordination of, among other things:

  1. The Budget process;
  2. Policy review and formulation;
  3. Parliamentary and Cabinet Liaison;
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation;
  5. Data Management and Information Services;
  6. International Cooperation;
  7. Resource mobilization; and
  8. Infrastructure Development.

Structure of the Department

The Department is comprised of three Units namely Monitoring & Evaluation, Policy and Planning and Data Management and Information Units. The Department has an establishment of twelve (12) members. The structure of the Department is illustrated below:


The objectives of the Department of Planning and Information include the following:

  1. To develop, plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training policies in order to ensure effective implementation of the Ministry’s mandate;
  2. To provide information & communication technologies services in order to contribute to the creation of knowledge
  3. To establish and maintain an integrated Information Management System (IMS) for the whole Ministry
  4. To strengthen administrative, financial and logistical capacities and mechanisms in order to facilitate effective and efficient implementation of projects and programmes; and
  5. To establish and maintain consultative mechanisms in order to promote private sector participation and linkages amongst stakeholders.

1. Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The Unit is comprised of two sections namely Projects and Monitoring & Evaluation.

a) Projects Section

The Section is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Sector Investment Projects, identifying projects for public investment, coordinating the maintenance and rehabilitation works of both physical structures and equipment.

b) Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The Monitoring and Evaluation Section is responsible for monitoring, evaluation and research functions in order to assess the impact and appropriateness of policies and strategies in University Education, Skills Development, and Science Technology and Innovation programs.

2. Policy and Planning Unit

The Unit comprises two sections namely Policy and Planning & Parliamentary and Cabinet Business.

a) Policy and Planning Section

The Policy and Planning Section is responsible for planning and coordinating University Education, Skills Development and Science, Technology and Innovation programs, in order to ensure effective implementation of the Ministry’s mandate.

b) Parliamentary and Cabinet Business Section

The Section is responsible for Parliamentary and Cabinet Business as well as coordination of International Cooperation.

3. Data Management and Information Unit

Data Management and Information (DMI) is one of the three (3) Units under the Department of Planning and Information (DPI) responsible for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Ministry. The overall function of the Unit is to provide ICT services, develop and maintain a sector Management Information System (MIS) to support policy analysis, and performance assessment, and provide information to stakeholders.

DMI Unit is headed by a Principal ICT officer who is assisted by an ICT Officer and a Computer Operator

The following objectives guide the activities of the Unit:

    1. To support ICT operations of the Ministry in order to ensure high availability and utilization of ICT assets;
    2. To ensure the Ministry Website has accurate, reliable, timely and relevant information for sustained public consumption;
    3. To undertake capacity building in ICT governance for effective management of ICT portfolio; and
    4. To develop an ICT Policy and strategy that allows accelerated contribution to attainment of 7NDP.