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Human Resources and Administration

The main functions of the Department are:-

  • To effectively manage and develop human resources for efficient and effective performance of the Division (staff welfare, recruitment and placement, staff development)
  • To establish and maintain efficient consultative mechanisms with all the science and technology, and TEVET institutions under this Division on issues of human resource management and development
  • To provide efficient and effective administrative and logistical support services for enhanced performance; (Financial management, Transport Management, Records Management, General Maintenance, Procurement and supplies)

The Department is responsible for the provision of both human and physical support services. It comprises of four (4) sections namely;

  • Human Resources Management
  • Human Resources Development
  • Administration
  • Records Management.

It is headed by a Director who is assisted by a Chief Human Resources Management Officer, an Administrative Officer, Senior Human Resources Management Officer, Senior Human Resources Development Officer and a Senior Registry Officer. The Department provides the necessary administrative and support services to all members of staff in the Division which includes transport services, records management and other routine services.

Administration Section

This section is responsible for the provision of administrative and logistical support services in order to facilitate the smooth operations of the Ministry. The main functions are; Office Management; Secretarial Services; Transport Management; Office Accommodation; Protocol and Office Security.

Human Resources Management Section

The Human Resources Management Section is responsible for recruitment’s, appointments, promotions, discipline, transfers, retirements, regarding, upgrading, processing of loans, leave and long service bonus.

Human Resource Development Section

The section is responsible for the co-ordination of training programs for staff in the Ministry. The main activities of the section are Collection of information on training needs and preparation of annual training plan and budget; Planning and organizing in-service courses and workshops; and the evaluation of all courses and preparation of the training annual report for the Ministry.

Record Management Section

The Record Management Section is responsible for classification, storage, retrieval of administrative and personnel records in the Ministry.

The Department also comprises the Procurement and Supplies Unit, Internal Audit Unit and the Accounts Unit. Administratively, the heads of these Units report to the Director HRA but operationally they report to the Permanent Secretary.