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The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) today (30th April,2020) received 138 scholarships from the Russian Federation for the Zambian students.

Speaking during a brief ceremony at the Ministry, Higher Education Minister Dr. Brian Mushimba said such a gesture witnessed today (30th April,2020) was something important to the Zambian Government and it’s people. Dr Mushimba noted that the future of a country is based on highly imparting people with the ability to contribute positively in various sectors of the economy and that consequently is dependent on attaining required levels of education for the citizenry to contribute craft solutions that the country desires and services.

Dr Mushimba well aware that no country is an island, echoed the importance to unlock borders in order to cooperate with and engage in bilateral relations so as to attain SDGs. The MoHE (Minister) also noted that Russia has a long standing relationship with Zambia for many years and the two countries leadership collaborated well on a desired economical and political cooperation.

Presentation of Symbolic Scholarships, L-R Ambassador Vilovich, Dr Brian Mushimba,and PS Kayula

Dr Mushimba said the Zambian population has over the years grown and the ability by the government to provide training is being challenged and, therefore, as a Ministry in-charge (MoHE) is engaging cooperating partners to see how the training demand can be supported.

Dr Mushimba noted that the gesture by the Russian Federation emanates from historical ties between the two countries. This was practically evident from the citizenry trained in various fields of engineering and sciences serving in various sectors. Dr Mushimba cited a practical example of Livestock and Fisheries Minister in the Zambian Goverment Professor Nkandu Luo among citizens who benefited from the Russian Federation education support.

Minister Mushimba also thanked the Russian Federation for the increase on the training quarter next year in 2021.

L-R Directors, Irene Chirwa – HELSB, and Mr Mulenga – University Education.

He further commended the the Russian Federation Government for such a gesture through the symbolic handover of 138 Scholarships to the Zambian students and the nation at large.

H.E Russian Ambassador Alexander Vilovich Boldyvlrev expressed his gratitude to present the 138 Russian Scholarships.

Ambassador Vilovich said Russian and Zambian relationship is based on a solid historical platform since the existence of the Republic of Zambia. Ambassador Vilovich said they will intensify programmes of study for the candidates in Russia and remain steadfast and enthusiastic to support the Government with an increased Scholarship quarter in 2021.

Minister Mushimba and Ambassador Vilovich confers as PS Kayula (centre) watches on

He (Vilovich) said this year (2020) Russian Federation is providing 138 scholarships with the Zambian students.

PS Kayula expressed happiness with the 138 symbolic scholarships presented to the Ministry of Higher Education as this will continue cementing biletral relations of the Zambian government with the Russian federation, she said the relationship of the two countries is traced from the history support in time memorial.

PS Kayula said there are more required areas of cooperating such as science and technology that can enhance on our knowledge bases on the economy.

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