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About MoHE

The Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education existed as one Ministry from 2011, when the Patriotic Government (PF) came into power. However, during the Presidential State of the Nation Address in September, 2015 to officially open the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National Assembly, a presidential decree provided for the split of the Ministry into Ministry of General Education and Ministry of Higher Education.

The Ministry of General Education was given the mandate of overseeing Early, Primary and Secondary Education while the Ministry of Higher Education was given the mandate to oversee University Education, Vocational Education and Training as well as Science Technology and innovation.

Mandate and Portfolios

  • The Ministry provides oversight on matters of science, technology and innovation
  • Higher Education – The Ministry provides oversight on matters of university education
  • TEVET – The Ministry provides oversight on matters of vocational education and training


Under the Ministry of Higher Education, currently there are 25 TEVET institutions; 6 Universities, 4 ( NSTC, NTBC, NRSC, NTBC and NBA) science and technology service institutions and 1 (NISIR) research and development institution. The Ministry also has 4 (ZAQA, HEA, HELSB, TEVETA) education support service institutions, 3 (HEA, ZAQA, TEVETA) of which are regulatory institutions.