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Foreign Students to Access Learning.

“As Institutions Prepare to Reopen”.

Foreign students pursuing their studies in the Zambian universities will be provided with provisions to access teaching and learning. PS Kayula said in an interview at her office today (20TH May, 2020).

Mrs. Kayula said not all students returned back to their respective countries but are still in Zambia however for those who left and are currently in their home countries, will have provisions of the e-learning platform be prepared for them to participate and learn.

PS Kayula said E-Learning has been part of the learning process however because of the COVID – 19 unforeseen challenges it has now become compulsory so as to ensure continuity of learning.

“Despite some e-learning challenges experienced, lecturers must be innovative by identifying different E-learning platforms in addition to providing materials that students can collect for their learning”. PS Kayula said.

Meanwhile Mrs. Kayula said currently the consultation process is still alive on the reopening of the Institutions to ensure safety of the students.

“The TEVET and higher Institutions of learning are already getting ready”. PS Kayula said.

The reopening will undertake a phased approach beginning with examination and graduating classes.

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